‘An understated triumph of the biographer’s art’: US cultural magazine ‘Chronicles’ on ‘No More Champagne’

23rd May 2017

Chronicles hails No More Champagne 

‘An understated triumph of the biographer’s art’

Novelist Derek Turner’s review in June 2017 issue

Chronicles, the ‘magazine of American culture’ published by the Rockford Institute, forecasts that No More Champagne will ‘ensconce’ itself  ‘in the extensive Churchillian historiography’ as a ‘go-to texts for future enquirers’.

Reviewer Derek Turner writes: ‘Lough draws out subtle private meaning from scrutinised private means, eventually accounting for the statesman in full – colourful but constrained, idealistic but enmeshed, a man always partway between Destiny and his bank manager. As well as being unexpected, No More Champagne is also an understated triumph of the biographer’s art – an acutely English appreciation of a great Englishman present as everything altered, a prisoner of circumstances as much as a shaper of things to come.

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