Darling Winston – ‘sparkling volume will be devoured by all who revere Churchill’ Daily Mail 2018 Books of the Year

David Lough’s second book, Darling Winston Forty years of Letters between Winston Churchill and his Mother (known in the USA and Canada as My Darling Winston) headed the Daily Mail‘s 2018 Books of the Year: Letters and Dairies.

The correspondence throws a new light on Winston Churchill’s early life and his intense relationship with his mother – including her unsung role in opening doors for him in his early careers as a soldier, writer and politician. In the New Statesman, novelist William Boyd wrote: ‘This collection of letters is fascinating. … They shine a piercing light on the man … and there is no better guide than David Lough, who provides linking commentaries and context to the hundreds of letters, so that the whole volume acts as a kind of hybrid biography/autobiography of the first half of Churchill’s life. … This superb exchange of letters allows us some real understanding of this unique relationship.’

David returned to history after a career spent in private banking. His first book, No More Champagne – Churchill and His Money, used his career’s experience to piece together the largely unknown story of Churchill’s chaotic personal finances. In doing so, a critic acknowledged that he had ‘brilliantly illuminated’ a new, more human picture of Britain’s iconic wartime leader. The Times, Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail and Guardian listed No More Champagne among their ‘books of the year’ for 2015 and it was shortlisted for the Longman-History Today Book of the Year Prize 2016.

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